Accept rent and deposit payments for Free!


Use the DepositGuard service to secure rent and deposit payments by credit and debit cards and electronic checks at no charge to you.  The renter submits rental payments and security deposits via credit, debit card or electronic check – just as with any online transaction.  

    • Increase your bookings
      DepositGuard is a symbol of quality and transparency. When your listing shows that you use DepositGuard it tells renters that you stand behind your property and good business practices.

    • Simplify your payment process
      With our e-dashboard, you can access and manage your rental payments and security deposits online, at a glance, anytime, anywhere.

    • Maintain your terms and conditions
      Your existing rental agreement stays in effect, including the terms and conditions of your cancellation policy.

    • Let us help you settle disagreements
      Sometimes things don't go according to plan.  As a neutral third party, DepositGuard will help you quickly and professionally resolve disagreements.

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