Payment Technologies Matched to your Needs

From tablets to terminals to virtual payment gateways, ranging from mobile to contactless (think Apple Pay) and covering a wide variety of card processing networks and software service providers, we support the technology your business needs to accept payment the way you want.

Your business is unique and so are your payment processing needs.  And a combination of factors will impact your selection of the right solution including but not limited to  your:

  • who and where are your customers
  • what is your existing technology infrastructure
  • what is your merchant category (industry)
  • what data do you need to collect to qualify for the lowest rates
  • what is your card transaction volume
  • what is your average sale size by card type
  • which connectivity method
  • how important is transaction speed
  • which payment choices will you accept
  • how many point-of-sale locations

New Payment Technologies

Payments are changing.  With the Vantage Terminal Services program, merchants get everything they need to accept card payments to meet customer demand including accessories for EMV, PIN and contactless support for Apple Pay and other mobile wallets.  Cloud based POS services provide simple, cost-effective counter top and mobile tablet point of sale solutions. Virtual terminals, ecommerce and mobile all provide feature rich solutions for emerging payments markets with secure tokenization of sensitive payment data.

With Vantage, your advocate for payment processing, you will have a professional consultant ready to research any special need you have and to keep you posted on the latest payment system innovations.