Grocery & Supermarket Merchant Accounts

Grocery and supermarket merchants receive special Interchange pricing from the card associations.

Vantage supports the platforms you require.

  • From PCI compliant stand-alone terminals, multi-lane terminal configurations and POS payment application software.
  • Vantage can work with you  to implement single and multi-lane consumer facing payment systems to process credit and both PIN and signature debit card payments. 
  • We provide reliable payment processing service, and we offer a variety of connectivity methods including dial-up, DSL/cable, frame relay, Internet, and WiFi including a virtual network for small grocers. 
  • We offer comprehensive POS and back office conversion and check 21 processing. 
  • Vantage offers comprehensive reporting options on a secure web access platform.

Grocery Multi-Lane Terminal & Managed Services Portal

Our managed services portal provides supermarkets with many of the advantages of integrated systems without having to invest in upgrading your current POS system. Transaction information is stored on a secure payment gateway that is a PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant portal which extends security compliance to each unit since no transaction data is stored on the terminal or at your location.

Setting up the Grocery Location:

VeriFone's MX line is a robust payment device multi-lane retailers need providing a versatile, durable, economical performer tuned to multi-lane and integrated point-of-service environments. The consumer-facing device provides transaction speed, reliability, flexibility, and security - together with attention-getting brand reinforcement and promotional messages, delivered directly to the consumer. Features

  • Backlit, 16-shade grayscale 1/4VGA resolution display
  • Field-upgradable modular design
  • Recessed tactile keypad for private PIN entry
  • Familiar ATM-style screen addressable keys
  • High-speed architecture
  • MX operating system combines Linux-embedded platform with VeriFone's payment architecture
  • High-speed processor
  • 10/100 Base T Ethernet connectivity (optional)

VeriFone knows multi-lane retailers compete in a demanding marketplace where consumers expect prompt service. VeriFone's MX designed specifically for these unforgiving multi-lane and point-of-service environments, with a powerful processing engine, an ultra-crisp color display, scratch-resistant touch screen, outstanding durability, and modularity for investment protection - making it the clear choice.