Solutions for Churches

Payment Solutions for Online Giving & Donations

Make online donations "simple" for your church or non-profit organization to accept and administer online tithing, online giving and online registrations.  There is no special software or technical knowledge required.  All you have to do is place a link on your existing web site to the giving page we create for you.

Online Giving will help your organziation develop a steady stream of recurring donations to improve giving habits and specifically helps provide level income for churches during vacation season.

Our partner SimpleGive specializes in providing online giving and online tithing services for non-profits and churches. SimpleGive's services allow your donors to give directly to your organization using Visa/MasterCard/American Express/Discover. 

Key Features

Ability to Give: Your online presence allows anyone anywhere to donate to your cause.  Instantly set up emergency funds for natural disasters, support your missionary work or pay for church camp remotely.

  • Ability for donors to make one-time or setup and manage recurring gifts.
  • Ability for a donor to select one or multiple budgets/designations to give.
  • Mobile giving for donors via iPhone/Android/BlackBerry also included.
  • iPad Kiosk for your donors to give in person with a swipe of their card.

Customizations: Custom giving page(s) and e-mails to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • We brand the page to have the same look and feel of your existing web site.
  • Field labels and page headings are altered to suit your needs.
  • Provide online registration, with custom field labels, custom questions and customized thank you e-mails.
  • Customized e-mails are sent when a donation is made.

Reduced Administration: Online donations reduce the work of handling cash and making bank deposits with giving records reports that can be exported to excel.

Access Giving Data: See reports and graphs on giving trends, high giving months, low giving months, month to month comparisons, week to week comparisons, and more.


Contact us for a personal consultation, demo, or custom proposal to meet your specific requirements.