Services to help you accept Check Payments

While check payments are on the decline for many business to consumer payments, particularly in retail.  Debit cards, standard issue with every checking account today and combining very low Fed regulated debit rates with real time authorizations, have many merchants eliminating the acceptance of paper check payments altogether.   For businesses who still rely heavily on check payments, a varity of payment technologies exist to improve acceptance processing.

For paper check payments by mail

Lockbox Payments for manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. Lockbox services are superior to both manual check deposits and remote capture scanners and gives your business a competitive advantage, saving time and speeding cash flow. Lockbox services:

  • Increase productivity with lower operational expenses, freeing more time to focus on high level activities.
  • Speed mail delivery and next-day deposit funding to your bank.
  • Reduce the risk and cost of potential fraud.
  • Optimize cash flow for increased capital availability with faster payment cycles on invoices.
  • Reduce unproductive accounting time spent manually matching and applying payments and generating reconciliation reports.

Use a scanner to image paper checks and deposits both consumer and business checks as electronic transactions or substitute checks in your back-office. Captured images and data are transmitted for clearing and electronically deposited into your bank account.

  • Secure and easy to set-up (web based)
  • Enables acceptance of all types of checks
  • Requires no check scanning equipment at the register
  • Faster funds availability
  • Enables you to shop for the best bank - not the closest

For electronic checks via ACH

Use a Virtual Terminal debit and credit platform for one-time and recurring ACH payments. This service facilitates the electronic transfer of authorized payments to automate the collection or payment of single or recurring transactions.

  • Auto billing improves cash flow, saves time and money
  • Eliminate check handling and returned item fees
  • Electronic check re-presentment and tracking
  • No hardware or software requirements

For check payments at the POS

Electronic Check Conversion at the point of sale is the process of converting a paper check into an electronic funds transfer transaction.

Check Guarantee insures the risk of accepting a bad check at the point of sale.