Solutions for Banks

If your bank is seeking to differentiate by offering unique value-added services, consider partnering with Vantage Card Services to deliver payment processing to your clients.

Businesses with revenues of less than ten million dollars felt they were under served in a recent Bank Administration Institute survey. As a result, many businesses are prepared to switch banks for the right type of payment services. Vantage can help you take advantage of the payment opportunity to win new customers. And with a competitive fee structure, we provide your relationship banking team confidence in its ability to earn the client's business.

Banks that lose business in the payment processing segment to a competitor see a greater impact to their revenue and net income. To secure the payment relationship of your small-business customer base builds value in the overall bank relationship.

After months of meeting with other merchant card processors, we were introduced to Ty Hardison of Vantage Card by a mutual business associate. Our Management Committee reviewed several proposals however we always came back to Vantage's proposal. We were looking for a company that could address our small business customer's needs and provide excellent customer service for both our customers and our sales team. First Chatham Bank has not been disappointed and it has become one of our best partnerships.

Joyce Kenard,
VP First Chatham Bank

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Cash Advance Services

Vantage can also establish your bank with Cash Advance Service to your customers. Cash Advance offers a flexible and robust solution which addresses the unique operational requirements at the bank teller station for cash advance transactions. This service reduces chargeback exposure by prompting for required data and printing all required information on the receipt.

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Merchant Services

Vantage brings a commitment to low cost, professional, and responsive service in the credit card processing industry. Lower credit card processing cost will directly impact the bottom line profits of your customers. Vantage offers a processing cost structure that is tailored to the individual needs of each merchant with a focus on:

  • Bottom line savings
  • Personal service and attention
  • Technology, risk, and compliance education

Take advantage of the opportunity to build a closer relationship with your customer. Providing Merchant Services at low cost can be an additional tool to help you:

  • Improve customer service
  • Generate customer savings
  • Leverage existing customers to earn additional revenue

Turn to Vantage as your merchant services partner. We take the risk while you earn residual income on your merchant portfolio in our Referral and Agent bank programs. We will deliver a comprehensive written proposal and complete the necessary merchant application paperwork. We perform all merchant services including: handling retrievals and chargebacks, issuing monthly statements, performing research, maintaining merchant account information, and managing risk.

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B2B Payments

Vantage provides comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) payment solutions including Level 3 payment solutions and a trade credit payment platform. Work with entrepreneurs and businesses to implement Level 3 purchasing card solutions and A/R best practices to increase working capital from trade credit receivables.

Business-to-business sales represent over $17 trillion in annual sales - 62% of the US economy. Buyer demand for free and flexible trade credit requires sellers to provide credit terms to their customers to encourage the purchase of goods and services. As a result, this is their largest use of capital - greater than plant, property, equipment, or other uses of capital.

Let Vantage show you how your sales team can attract and retain business customers by helping them implement payment acceptance best practices. Our referral program pays no risk fee income.

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Visa Payroll Cards

A free program for employers, Visa® payroll cards are a huge improvement over traditional paper checks.  Paycards streamline the payroll process, eliminating paper check processes and costs associated with lost checks. There are no set up costs, no software to buy or learn, no card cost, and no minimum number of employees to enroll.  

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ATM Management

Our ATM program includes:

  • Choice of ATM equipment
  • Complete signage
  • Real-time online ATM activity reports– simply go to a dedicated web site to view up-to-the-minute reports for your machine – no need to wait for monthly reports. This feature also helps you better manage your ATM cash levels.
  • Shipping, installation, and training
  • Unparalleled customer and technical service support
  • Monthly residuals deposited directly to your bank account
  • Machine maintenance program (optional)
  • Online monitoring – our customer support personnel contact you immediately for any service issues or machine error to maximize your uptime.

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