Why businesses should ditch the cash register for a tablet

Businesses should ditch cash registers for tablet POS systems.

For small businesses to stay competitive in the current landscape, they are relying on the use of the latest technology. Not only are solutions like the cloud and mobile devices leveling the playing field, they're also helping companies offer more advanced solutions to their customers.

A recent article from Reuters examined several different technologies that can help small businesses grow as they move into the future. There options include systems like the cloud, loyalty programs, backend productivity and marketing systems. The article also called for small retailers to ditch their expensive cash registers and instead invest in a tablet POS system.

"Tablets and smartphones with free or premium apps can now replace full-blown POS systems, letting small retailers accept more than cash," the article reads. "For example, everyone from your local coffee shop to your babysitter can use the tiny mobile Square card reader on their Android or iOS device to accept credit or debit cards."

The piece goes on to say that retailers that want to capture sales from physical shoppers as well as eCommerce solutions, there are specialized applications that integration online and brick-and-mortar sales systems. There are also options for loyalty programs, payment plans and operational strategies.

Making the jump to a mobile commerce solution is easier said than done. With the help of a retail payment solution provider that specializes in integrating a tablet POS solution, any small business can start taking steps away from the traditional and into the future of retail.

by Ty Hardison

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