Tablets on the retail floor helping to evolve the retail experience

Tablets are set to revolutionize the retail sector.

There are few devices that have changed the way businesses operate like tablet computers. When Apple kickstarted the industry in 2010 with the introduction of the iPad, no one would have been able to see the reach that the technology would have.

Many different sectors of the corporate world have incorporated the tablet and any number of corresponding mobile applications into daily operations. A recent Resource Nation article examined how one specific market, retail, has been able to improve productivity and the customer experience because of the device.

"From easier checkout and better customer service to mobile POS apps, the benefits of tablets to your store and your customers are innumerable," reads the article. "If you're not sure where to get started, considered some basic, yet effective, uses."

The article goes on to cover a few simple ways that deploying a tablet POS systems has improved retail operations.

First off, this kind of solution can reduce wait times. Patrons that are only purchasing a few items can easily avoid the checkout lines and pay an associate on the floor that has a mobile point of sale device. It also helps when someone wants to buy a larger item like a couch or pallet of building materials, as customers do not need to try and drag the item through the store to a cash register.

This solution also allows start-ups or smaller businesses that are traditionally cash only to accept other forms of payments like credit, debit or even mobile payments.

Finally, the tablet can be used as a way to gather additional information for customers. Applications that allow associates to check inventory levels, shipping information and availability of a product in another location, for instance, can not only speed up shopping process but help the customer experience as well.

Tablets in the retail sector can do much more than just replace the cash register. They can become a business hub that revolutionizes retail.

by Ty Hardison

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