Tablet POS hardware gets more competition

Tablets as a company's cash register are becoming more popular.

The use of tablets as a cash register is no longer just a novelty for consumers. It is starting to become a regular occurrence that can be seen in a number of different industries. Adoption rates could increase, as new hardware starts to hit the market.

Square, one of the leading providers of third-party peripherals that turn smartphones and tablets into mobile cash registers, has unveiled a new product: the Square Stand. It is a holder for an iPad that doubles as a credit card reader. The tablet can rotate toward customers allowing them to sign receipts.

The stand can also connect wirelessly to other devices like receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers. The 9-inch, 5-pound Stand will be available in July. Twitter inventor and Square CEO Jack Dorsey made the announcement in a coffee shop in San Francisco.

"In Dorsey's Apple-esque design philosophy, the best technology is technology that gets out of the way, that becomes so commonplace that it drops beneath our notice–think electrical sockets and traffic lights," a Wired article reads. "The more transparently usable a technology is, the more it disappears into its use rather than taking up space as an object of attention itself – the better the design."

Square is just one of a number of different companies offering add-ons that turn mobile devices into a point of sale hub. While retailers may not need to jump on the bandwagon now, it is getting bigger and many will need to do so sooner rather than later.

by Ty Hardison

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