Summer months see rising temps, rate of mobile commerce

Anyone that has studied retail trends is is aware of the ebbs and flows that come with the changing of the seasons and holidays. For the most part, when customers are willing to buy is relatively predictable, but the way in which they choose to make those purchases is starting to change.

This week, eBay India released the results of a consumer survey to find out how customers planned to shop during the popular summer sales months. The warmer weather means more people are out and about, but the study found that more of them may be turning to their smartphones to finalize their transactions.

More than 50 percent of respondents said they plan to make a purchase over their smartphones or tablets from the comfort of their living rooms. They cited the desire to avoid the heat and crowds of the local malls.

Muralikrishnan B., the country manager for eBay India, acquaints the adoption of mobile commerce solutions to an increase in enhanced 3G and affordable smartphones putting the devices into the hands of more consumers.

While this survey was conducted in India, the reasons for the increase in mobile commerce that were laid out are universal. As the use of smartphones by the general public becomes the norm rather than the exception, it is easy to understand why more consumers are using them.

Businesses need to be aware of this trend, otherwise they will be missing out on a large  consumer base. Rolling out a solution now will put any company at the forefront of the mobile payment future and a step ahead of competition that is late to the party.

by Ty Hardison

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