Study: 51 percent of consumers believe the cash register is old technology

In the retail market, merchants need to keep an eye on the desires of consumers. If the majority of customers want to pay with a credit card, it makes sense that business owners would want to have a point of sale system that can handle this kind of payment option.

Recently, POS innovator I Love Velvet released the results of the latest "Consumer Mobile Point of Sale Attitudes Report." This is a study of the average consumer's attitude toward mobile payment options. For the first time, a majority of respondents (51 percent) believe the days of the traditional cash register are over and it will soon be gone.

"Consumers are essentially telling retailers: 'get with the times'," Pascale Juan, I Love Velvet COO, said in the report. "As MPOS has the ability to cut down long lines in-store and get staff out from behind the cash register, it's clear that the businesses that recognize the benefits of MPOS solutions will win not only more of the consumer dollar, but the perception competition as well."

The study also found customers are more comfortable using a smartphone and tablet POS system in a retail setting (26 percent) than other markets. The food and beverage industry (14 percent) and airline and car rental companies (10 percent) rounded out the top three.

Using mobile devices as a cash register have become more than just a way to line bust. Consumers want them and merchants would be wise to partner with a payment solution provider to upgrade their systems.

by Ty Hardison

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