Mobile payments come to JCPenney

JCPenney has rolled out a mobile cash register solution.

Anyone walking into a select number of JCPenney department stores today may notice something a little different when they go to make a purchase. After several months of talk and speculation, the retail chain officially started rolling out a new mobile payment solution.

This has been in the works since former head of Apple retail and current JCPenney CEO Ron Johnson spoke about it during the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference last summer. Johnson, who left Apple in November of 2011, was responsible for the mobile cash register system that can be seen at the popular retail stores.

The new checkout system is based around Apple's iPod touch, much like the EasyPays that are seen in the company's retail stores. Every employee on the sales floor thatĀ holds one of these devices and can run a transaction from any location. Customers can run credit and debit cards, enter PINs and use their fingers on the screen.

"Customers are enjoying the fact they can be rung up anywhere. It can happen as you leave the store, exit the fitting room, anywhere in the store that it's convenient," Danielle Hinton, the manager of the Tri-Cities JCPenney location at the Columbia Center Mall in Washington told the Bellingham Herald.

She went on to say that customers enjoy the new system because it cuts down on the waiting and lines, making it easier to come in and make a purchase.

While this is an example of mobile devices being used as a payment system in the B2C arena, all of the benefits can be transferred over to the B2B sector. Imagine being at a conference, striking up a conversation with a potential customer and being able to close the sale while still in the booth.

by Ty Hardison

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