Mobile commerce is at 'pivotal point' for merchants

Merchants have reached the a pivotal point in the partnership with mobile commerce.

Several years ago, there was a fear that the influx of eCommerce options in the business world would pose a major threat to the brick-and-mortar aspect of retail. When mobile devices hit the scene, that idea was exasperated as more customers were able to get online from any place they chose. However, a trend has emerged that may turn mobile devices and retail stores into allies.

According to a recent blog post from the iMedia Connection, the mobile commerce landscape is poised to evolve over the next few years. As more mobile devices find their way into the hands of consumers, the number of people using them to check prices, find store locations and make purchases will rise.

"We're at a pivotal point in learning how to harness a significant shift in consumer behavior that is inextricably linked to the physical world," the article reads. "The nature of smartphone behavior, that 'anywhere, anytime' access, provides retailers with a clear opportunity to reach potential customers. The key is for retailers to be thoughtful in their marketing approach, keep the customer experience top-of-mind and provide clear benefits to the in-store experience."

Merchants can do this by optimizing strategies like show rooming and making a stronger effort to use mobile strategies as a daily part of business. With the help of a mobile payment solution provider, any merchant can start embracing mobile commerce solutions, rather than fearing them.

by Ty Hardison

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