Mobile commerce increased 71 percent year-over-year

As mobile devices become a larger part of our everyday lives, smartphones and tablets tend to be the go-to gadget for many common tasks. In no place is their more apparent than in the commerce sector. Walk into any retail establishment and there is a good chance that more than one customer will be using their mobile device to check prices, find deals and even make payments.

According to the broad index of 200 retailers by Unbound Commerce, mobile commerce increased 71 percent in March and April versus the same time period in 2012. The company cites growing consumer confidence in the platform as one of the key factors behind the the increased adoption.

"Mobile commerce is expanding very fast, as consumers grow increasingly comfortable shopping on their smartphones", said Wilson Kerr, Unbound Commerce VP Business Development and Sales. "More importantly, mobile orders are increasing in both size and frequency. We saw [one] store, [that saw] year to year average mobile orders jump more than $10, from $70.62 to $80.71."

The company also reported that the year-over-year unique visits and the aggregate number of page views rendered by these 200+ retail mobile commerce sites nearly doubled, up 90.88 percent and 90.99 percent, respectively.

Unbound Commerce is just one of a number of different mobile commerce options on the market. Small business owners need to be aware of what is possible with the latest technology to make sure they are able to capture as many sales as possible.

by Ty Hardison

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