Mobile commerce grows beyond just the actual transaction

Mobile commerce goes beyond just the transaction.

Many retailers have spoken about the future of mobile commerce and early versions can be seen in a number of different merchants as big as Apple or as small as the food truck parked up the street. However, as mobile technology advances, the ways that businesses can interact with their customers through the mobile medium is evolving.

In a recent ZDNet article, Diarmuid Mallon explained how the opinion of mobile commerce has changed. Previously he has touched on how the next "killer app" will be programs that act as the mobile wallet. However, Mallon points out there are a number of different ways that companies can take advantage of when it comes to mcommerce for both consumers and enterprises.

"Sure, mobile payments are exciting," Mallon wrote. "But you can also deliver content to customers including mobile discount offers, vouchers and coupons in order to provide better customer targeting, faster time-to-market, lower cost, interactivity and - this is key - the ability to track responses at an individual level."

He went on to say that mobile technology is becoming more complex. The devices have become more personal and portable while being powerful enough to handle any challenge handled by a computer. On top of that, 4G LTE and improved wireless networking is making it easier for consumers to get quality connections and there are reports that say as much as 88 percent of the world's population has access to a mobile device.

Mobile commerce is about much more than just the ability to make a payment. The functionality of mobile devices is expanding and smart retailers are taking advantage of this early on to make sure they stay ahead of the curve.

by Ty Hardison

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