Mobile commerce continues to have slow adoption

Mobile commerce is still experiencing slow adoption.

Many people believe mobile commerce is the future of retail payment solutions. With the increased functionality and popularity of smartphones, it seems inevitable that consumers will start using the devices to make purchases, even though adoption has been slow.

A recent article from Retail Info Systems News examined why the road to mass adoption has been bumpy. The piece cites a study by the IHL Group that found roughly 33 percent of retailers have no plans to adopt any form of mobile POS by the end of 2016. Security concerns, perceptions of difficulty in use and adoption and a feeling that there are no benefits to using the technology are the main deterrents.

"Mobile payment adoption has proven to be more difficult than a simple 'if you build it, they will come' concept. Yes, there have been some great successes however the mobile marketplace remains fragmented," the article reads. "It is clear the technology is here to stay, but clear direction and improvements must be made in order for this form of payment to become as ubiquitous as cash and credit cards."

The piece goes on to say that retailers, developers and payment processors will need to work together to optimize mobile commerce solutions. The reason for this is because customers will not be able to fully embrace the systems until retailers do.

It will take time, but mobile commerce is coming. With the help of a payment solution provider, any company can start taking steps toward embracing the future of mobile commerce.

by Ty Hardison

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