Mobile commerce an important trend for the Millennial generation

It is impossible to deny that technology is influencing how a number of different sectors operate. This doesn't just include hardware but also software and other tools like social media. Every industry is experiencing it, especially as the influence of the Millennial generation becomes more important.

A recent Fast Casual guest column features an interview with marketing expert Jeff Fromm. According to him, given the 80 million members that are plugged into the latest technology and platforms, Millennials are "the largest and most influential generation of consumers ever."

This is because social media has turned shopping and eating into an event. Many consumers find the need to Instagram, Facebook and Tweet where they are and what they are doing. On top of that, mobile commerce options like digital coupons or instant rebates are pushing payment services to a new level. The article also cites an information study the author conducted that found interaction with smartphone applications consume 40 percent of the current dining experience.

In some cases, retailers are taking advantage of this by adding menu boards that can interact with social media postings and customers, improving their mobile commerce solutions, adding new technology like a tablet POS system or creating loyalty programs that are run through a mobile application.

Implementing these systems, however, is easier said than done. This is where a solution provider that specializes in mobile commerce options can become a valuable resource and help any retailer optimize the Millennial generation.

by Ty Hardison

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