Merchants should gift themselves mobile POS systems

Every merchant is in the middle of feeling the holiday rush that has only intensified over the last few weeks. With just a few shopping days left in the holiday season, lines are out the door, as consumers need to make last minute purchases. This added pressure to make sales can cause stress for shoppers and associates alike.

A recent article from Retail Information Systems News makes the case for mobile commerce point of sales machines, which could be the perfect gift for businesses to give themselves when it comes time to improve sales.

"A mobile POS system benefits both the retailer and the consumer by creating an approachable workforce that offers improved customer experience, while simultaneously streamlining behind-the-scenes processes," the article reads. "However, for large retailers considering deploying a mobile POS system this holiday season, an enterprise-grade solution is the truly the only reliable, secure option."

The piece goes on to highlight three features that can make a major difference in how companies operate. The first is the checkout process and the ability for mobile devices and specific applications to handle every innovation including NFC, QR codes and EMV. The second is security regulations which are being regulated with PCI compliance standards. Finally, with the right POS software solution, any smartphone or tablet POS system can be integrated with existing solutions to improve overall operations.

With the help of a payment solution provider, any company can start the process of deploying a new cash register solution.

by Ty Hardison

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