Merchants must open their arms to technology upgrades

It is safe to say that mobile commerce is going to play a major role in the future of the retail industry. More consumers than ever before are using smartphones to check prices and make purchases.

In a column from Marketing Magazine, contributor Phil Johnston examined the current landscape with the help of a study conducted by his company, Havas Worldwide. The survey of 10,000 adults from 31 countries found that 22 percent of respondents have used a mobile device to make a purchase in some way. On top of that, 38 percent of prosumers—a specific category of consumers that are plugged into technology trends—have done so as well.

According to Johnston, physical retailers should be concerned by these new numbers and trends. However, rather than claim that the sky is falling, they should instead use them to adapt to new technology.

"In the middle sit the physical retailers. Their stores are being used as showrooms: places to experience the goods they've found on the net and will buy on the net after feeling the quality courtesy of the shopping center retailers," Johnston wrote. "How best can retailers deal with this? How can they become more than just a showroom for their online competitors – avoid being the showroom meat in a digital research and purchase sandwich?"

The answer is to open your arms to technology. With the help of a payment solutions provider, any company can embrace change and start interacting with consumers in new ways.

by Ty Hardison

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