Merchants have opportunity to combine physical stores with mobile commerce options

The popularity of mobile commerce is causing many businesses to examine the option. While this is a smart approach, merchants can not forget about their brick and mortar locations as the two entities actually have a lot offer each other.

According to a new report from Harris Interactive, there is an opportunity for retailers to improve their brand and customer standing with the use of mobile applications. Of the more than 2,000 consumers that were surveyed, nearly 60 percent said they would rather research a product online with their smartphone instead of talking to sales associate in the store. However, that does not mean physical stores are losing value.

More than 80 percent of respondents said it was "important or very important" to be able to physically touch a product before they actually make a purchase. There were also respondents who cited the hassle of online returns and the joy of being able to purchase something and have it immediately as key reasons to visit a store and avoid eCommerce.

It is clear that consumers desire both an online and in-store shopping experience. This is where a merchant that is not afraid to incorporate the latest technology can become a go-to shopping experience for any customer. This can be done by allowing consumers to find products in the store in real time through a mobile application or allowing them to check themselves out on a different app.

By partnering with a payment solution provider, any business can take the plunge and incorporate the latest technology into a payment system.

by Ty Hardison

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