Apple's Passbook unchanged in iOS 7

While present in the overhauled iOS 7, the mobile commerce app has not been updated.

After having a day to pour through all of the announcements from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013, many experts are starting to look at what wasn't discussed. While there are a few big rumors that were not touched upon, there was one particular absence that has the payments industry scratching its head - where was Passbook?

Mobile commerce seems geared to play a major role in the future of retail and purchasing trends, and Apple's only specific application to handle it is Passbook. The app was a featured player during last year's WWDC but was forgotten during the unveiling of iOS 7.

A GigaOM article asked the same question and speculated as to what it could mean.

"At WWDC 2012, Passbook was called a 'key feature' of iOS 6," the article read. "A year later, the Apple keynote went by without a single mention of the digital wallet app. Its conspicuous absence could mean Apple doesn't consider it worth mentioning. Or, it could mean Apple is waiting for a bigger rollout when it announces new hardware this fall."

The piece did mention that those who have access to the iOS 7 beta confirmed Passbook is a part of the core app package and functions the same way that it does for iOS 6. There are only two major changes—a scanner feature that allows tickets and coupons to be added just by scanning a barcode and a change to deleted ticket animation.

It will be interesting to see if there is a change in the coming months when the mobile device line gets upgraded and there is possible integration of EMV technology.

by Ty Hardison

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