Visa Adds Merchants Eligible for Small Ticket Interchange

Visa will implement changes to expand the CPS/Small Ticket program to all MCCs, except those noted below. This expansion is intended to facilitate growth for Visa and its members through increased issuance, acceptance, and innovation.  The extension of the CPS/Small Ticket Interchange program is intended to encourage faster transaction speed and enhance cardholder satisfaction at the point of sale, providing benefits to all.

Currently, only transactions from a specific group of merchant segments are eligible to qualify for the CPS/Small Ticket program. With this change, the CPS/Small Ticket program will be available to consumer card and commercial card transactions submitted with almost all merchant category codes (MCCs).   Current CPS/Small Ticket Interchange applies to transactions less than or equal to $15.   The Visa Small Ticket Credit Interchange is 1.65% + $0.04 and the Visa Small Ticket Debit Interchange is 1.55% + $0.04.   This will effectively lower many merchants overall Interchange expenses.

The following MCCs are currently ineligible for both the CPS/Small Ticket Credit and Debit programs. However, with the October 2010 Enhancements release change, they will be eligible for the CPS/Small Ticket Credit program; however, they will continue to be ineligible for the CPS/Small Ticket Debit program.

  • 5411—Grocery Stores and Supermarkets
  • 5499—Miscellaneous Food Stores: Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets

Also, with this change, merchants that participate in the following MVV programs may submit transactions that meet the CPS/Small Ticket program:

  • CPS/Retail Performance Threshold program
  • Utility program
  • Debt Repayment program
  • Visa Partner Program
  • Debit Tax program
  • GSA G2G (Government-to-Government)

Vantage tracks all Interchange rate and fee changes on our web site.  Read more on the pending fall Interchange changes to take effect October 2010  at

by Ty Hardison

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