Restaurant Trends: Make your restaurant online order capable

According to the September 2009 Technomic American Express Market Brief, consumers of all ages have already embraced online ordering. Their research shows online ordering from a computer has become quite popular.

% of Consumers who have Ordered Online:

54% of 18-20 year olds46% of 21-2450% of 25-3444% of 35-4423% of 45-5430% of 55-6429% of 65-747% of 75+

Incentives were found to be effective in luring customers to online ordering. Nearly 58% who have ordered food online note they have done so in response to an offer they saw on a website, while 37% have been influenced by an offer received in an email.

For those who have ordered online from a computer, seven of 10 (70%) report that their most recent order placed was a repeat order.

Bottom Line: If you have a web site and provide pick-up or delivery food service, adding online ordering will produce positive results. With minimal capital outlay needed to launch an online ordering system, what are you waiting for? Many consumers have already embraced alternative methods of ordering food for pick-up and delivery, and the trend is growing. Operators who miss out on the latest trends in ordering technology will miss out on potential business.

by Ty Hardison

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