Merchants Go with Prepaid Wireless

GPRS prepaid wireless plans are becoming popular alternatives for merchants using fixed wireless (wireless terminals that require a power outlet). With SIM chips costing less than $10 and one-time activation less than $6, GPRS prepaid plans feature no contracts, no gateway fees, no transaction fees and no overage fees. Prepaid wireless plans range from a 12 MB plan (approximately 1,440 transactions a year for less than $100/year) to a 120 MB plan (providing approximately 19,200 transactions a year for just over $200/year).

Prepaid GPRS SIMs will work with Verifone’s Vx terminal lines. Using the exact same GPRS network, prepaid plans are more flexible and less expensive than traditional wireless coverage plans. Prepaid wireless plans are good for one-year or up to the MB plan limit, whichever comes first. Merchants get notification when 1MB remains, providing time to add more transaction processing capacity. When the SIM runs low, merchants can recharge it with whatever plan they want for the renewal. With no overage fees and the ability to recharge SIMs as needed, prepaid wireless services are extremely simple.

Merchants can use their transaction capacity over the course of a month or a year (a real benefit for seasonal merchants who may have a few months of inactivity between events and are currently paying monthly wireless gateway fees). Merchants using dial up today should consider moving to the Vx510 GPRS terminal for a high-speed, always-on connection and save the monthly dial line expense from the local phone company.

by Ty Hardison

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