Joining Forces: and Vantage Partner to offer Integrated Level 3 Merchant Services

Today businesses are finding that accepting card payments is a growing necessity and often a preferred method for collecting accounts receivables. So when, who helps small and mid-sized businesses efficiently manage their day-to-day bill payment and invoicing processes, looked to integrate credit and debit card acceptance they conducted extensive research.

"What we found was that in addition to popular consumer oriented products like debit cards and rewards cards, today’s buyers are using several types of commercial card products including business, corporate, fleet, purchasing and GSA purchasing cards”, says Henrique Ceribelli, product manager at "We built our integrated merchant services solution so our clients could accept both consumer and commercial card payments at the lowest possible cost".

To do this partnered with Vantage Card Services who specializes in providing Level 3 merchant services and payment solutions. What found with Vantage was a full-service provider who offered not only vast experience working with businesses to accept corporate and purchasing cards but who also was known for its merchant advocacy with a program of pass-through Interchange pricing, month-to-month terms, personal service and Vantage Points Rewards.

"Vantage also helped us focus on security and the result is a solution engineered to get merchants out of the business of transmitting, processing and storing sensitive card data" explains Henrique. “Compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is critically important. Our solution uses a customer token in place of the original payment data. This is of particular importance when you need to store customer payment data for processing repeat or recurring orders and simplifies your PCI compliance requirements".

In partnership with Vantage:

  • clients receive an instant preferred price quote with the best consumer and commercial card Interchange rates.
  • clients receive unlimited personal service and payment consultations with specialized advice on best practices, payment policies, Visa large ticket registration and more.
  • clients receive Level 3 payment processing technology that eliminates PCI compliance hassles using tokens and secure off-site card data storage.
  • clients can try the service risk free on a month-to-month agreement.
  • clients earn reward points for processing payments redeemable at nearly 200 reward partners. works with the major accounting packages like QuickBooks, Sage Peachtree, Intacct, NetSuite and more! With, businesses automate bill payment and customer invoicing, keeping their accounting system in sync and using existing accounts, vendor and customer information (no duplication) to preserve existing financial reporting.

Merchants can Try Risk Free for 30 Days to manage their AR, and take advantage of incentive Level 3 Interchange savings with a pre-built integration into their existing account package!


by Ty Hardison

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