DepositGuard offers new and improved Property Rental Payments

DepositGuard is a payment technology platform for property rental payments that securely collects, holds and administers the deposits and pre-paid rents for vacation and residential property transactions, benefitting both renters and homeowners (including landlords, property managers and rental agents).

Unlike other payment methods, a merchant account is not required to accept Visa/MasterCard payments and there are no fees for homeowners to use DepositGuard.

DepositGuard is a neutral third-party account where the rental funds are parked for safekeeping. Both the renter and landlord have full visibility into the account and must be in agreement before the account can be created, changed, closed and any money released.

DepositGaurd gives renters more control over the payment process by securing their investments. By example, according to data from a DepositGuard study, 78% of consumers polled indicate they would rent vacation properties more often (or for the first time) if better payment security was offered. Clearly a renters' confidence in how their money is handled is a key factor in a vacation rental decision.

For vacation homeowners, putting renters at ease while satisfying their payment requirements provides for greater reach and customer satisfaction. DepositGuard simplifies the rental business with an automated and easy-to-use system for managing, tracking, and accounting for rental payments and deposits.

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by Ty Hardison

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