Secure Payments with Encryption, Tokenization and EMV

Payment cad fraud in the US, where we still rely on legacy magnetic stripe technology, continues to increase.  Therefore it is increasingly important for merchants to protect payment data with heighten security measures.  Today, protecting sensitive data from a data breach compromise starts with becoming PCI DSS compliant.  Get there faster with encryption security, tokenization and EMV.

  • End-to-end encryption or E2EE (also known as point-to-point encryption) protects sensitive card data from swipe (or tap) through transit to the processor. 
  • E2EE is and important part of your PCI security plan because hackers can steal card data in transit.   Encrypted data sent over the network is useless if intercepted.
  • E2EE and tokenization can dramatically reduce the scope of PCI DSS compliance and greatly reduces your exposure to fraud and liability.
  • Check out our Terminal Services for a plan to support EMV Chip and PIN technology.
  • For eCommerce, read more about our Tokenization solutions

Secure Payment Technology Options

  • Subscribe to Vantage Terminal Services for the most advanced encryption in bankcard terminals plus EMV capabilities.
  • Payment processing platforms that support tokenization for card not present, ecommerce and electronic invoicing. 
  • Use our API to easily integrate point of commerce encryption and payment gateway tokenization into your existing POS, ERP, CRM and accounting systems.

Contact us for a personal consultation on the payment security solutions to meet your specific requirements.