More than Customer Service; Personal Service

The value of a reliable point of contact is an important aspect of quality service. Nothing electronic is without occasional faults. Mass call centers staffed with hourly wage temps are the norm. Vantage offers merchants a personal point of contact that has a financial incentive to ensure you are a loyal, satisfied customer. Having a personal advocate when faced with a costly chargeback, research item, or equipment problem can be worth a lot more than trying to save an extra couple of basis points on your rate.

Your personal point of contact will be there from your initial sales and implementation process as well as for any service issue. We want to build solid, long-term business relationships. We really care about establishing a relationship that will foster referrals with each customer and that means striving to exceed your expectations.

We understand that responsive service is an important part of good customer service, so you will be provided with the mobile phone number of your personal agent. We are on call to service your account.

Customer service is not an after thought, but rather how we lead. It is the most important part of quality service and true value compared with the low rate, no service outfits.

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