Drive More Sales

No paper coupons or loyalty cards, simple enrollment at the POS, using your customers existing credit or debit card providing automatic tracking, motivation and communication.  What's not to love?

How sticky is your business?

In today's competitive retail environment, the battle to retain customers is fierce. The winners are those who establish and maintain one or more competitive advantages in the minds of their customers. Acquire new customers and retain them - that is the goal. And a loyalty program is a powerful way to create a compelling reason for your customers to prefer your business over another. Now you can automatically keep track of point balances and transaction activity for a multitude of rewards and incentive programs.

Acheive Effortless Rewards with vPromos

  • Turn your customer's existing credit and debit cards into your loyalty card, gift card or coupon.
  • vPromos will help you engage new customers with offers and nurture your loyal customers with rewards. 
  • vPromo helps you harness the power of social media, allowing you to reward your customers for their engagment in promoting your business by writing a review or liking you on Facebook.

Learn more about how the vPunch Rewards Program can engage your customers!