by Ty Hardison

How will Apple Pay and CurrentC work together?

The important thing to know is that mobile devices are the future of payments, so merchants must be prepared regardless.

Apple Pay has been available for about three weeks now, and adoption is rising among both retailers and consumers. While the list of retailers currently accepting Apple Pay is well known by most in the tech world, so are those who will not accept it. A significant number or prominent retailers, many of which will play a major role in the upcoming holiday shopping season, are not going to accept Apple Pay and implement the necessary technology because they are waiting for their own system, one that won't be out until next year.

You may have heard of the Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX), but if not, it's an organization started by Walmart that contains a few popular retailers including Sears, CVS and Best Buy. The group got together years ago with the mission of making payments … more

Why a tablet POS system might help you survive the holiday season

A tablet POS might be a better option than a traditional checkout counter this holiday season.

You've probably begun to think about the logistics of managing the holiday rush at your retail store. Not only do you have to worry about having enough inventory to fulfill your customers' requests and having the ability to order new shipments in a timely manner, you must also consider the layout of your store during the next two months. Starting officially after Thanksgiving (but more realistically, around now) malls and plazas will start seeing more foot traffic, which means you will see more people in your store. While this is good for your revenue, you have to make sure you can get them in and out of your store in a timely manner. One way to do this may be by providing your retail clerks the flexibility to check out customers from anywhere on the floor.

The age of the traditional … more

How do consumers feel about shopping at breached retailers this holiday season?

More than half of surveyed consumers are ok with shopping at breached retailers this holiday season.

This upcoming holiday shopping season will be the culmination of what was a tumultuous year in the retail security industry. Starting shortly after last Thanksgiving at Target, a number of big-name retailers have been victims of serious security breaches, ranging from Home Depot to Michael's and Staples, which is currently investigating a potential incident that may have occurred earlier this fall. These were all high profile cases, which means the public, who will soon have to decide which stores to shop at for holiday gifts, may want to stay away from those that have been victimized by security breaches.

A recent study conducted by sought to evaluate the general sentiment surrounding stores like Target, Home Depot and Staples as we head into the holiday shopping … more

Should you buy or lease your POS equipment?

Is it better to buy or lease your POS equipment?

Leasing is a popular practice in many areas of business. It's often a cheaper alternative to buying something outright and, if the leased item in question is technology-based, it may allow you to stay current with constant innovation. Rather than being burdened with an aging piece of technology that you invested heavily in by buying, you can return the model and lease a newer version. Of course, this won't apply to everything, and you have to consider specific factors pertaining to your technology before deciding if leasing or buying is the right choice. For example, consider your POS system.

Leasing POS equipment is not uncommon, but is it the best practice? Is it actually cheaper to lease this item rather than buying it? The Bureau of Consumer Protection Business Center says no. … more

How will Apple Pay work with EMV?

Apple Pay could have a positive impact on EMV adoption.

Apple Pay has been out for a little more than a week now. Thus far, a number of merchants have adopted the service, with varying results. And while user adoption will take time, there is a tremendous amount of hype surrounding Apple Pay as it enters its second week of existence. This is consistent with most Apple product and service launches, and the belief shared among many is that the company that revolutionized digital music, the cell phone and the computer tablet will do so again with payments. However, that still remains to be seen and, before Apple Pay can truly take off, a number of questions must be answered. For example, how will it work with EMV?

The launch of Apple Pay wasn't the only major industry event to take place in October. Earlier this month, Bank of America rolled … more

Dairy Queen attacked by vicious malware

Ever since Target was crippled by a high-profile card data breach, all eyes have been turned to the IT security of major retail-level stores. Dairy Queen recently announced that it had also been targeted by a breach involving a new form of malware called "Backoff." Though it is downplaying the effects of this intrusion, the company admitted that payment card data at nearly 400 locations across the country was affected over the summer.

The company says that the breach exposed multiple types of identifying data, including card numbers and expiration dates, but that there's no evidence that more sensitive information, like Social Security Numbers and PIN, were revealed to outside forces. One Orange Julius store was also affected in addition to the Dairy Queens.

"We are committed to working … more

Security a major point of focus this holiday season

Black Friday is just around the corner.

Halloween is Friday, which means by this time next week, we'll be well into November, Thanksgiving will only be a few weeks away and the holiday shopping season will be looming just around the corner. In fact, some organizations have already begun holiday-themed displays, but of course the season's unofficial kickoff doesn't commence until Black Friday, which is only four short weeks away. This year industry experts predict a gigantic shopping season, which puts pressure on retailers to keep up with increased traffic while maintaining the security of customer data.

It was only last year when Target was hit hard right at the apex of the holiday shopping season — an incident that resulted in a PR nightmare the company is still trying to overcome. What followed was what can only be … more

Detailing the first 48 hours of Apple Pay

Many believe Apple Pay is going to change the way retail works.

On Monday, October 20, Apple released iOS 8.1, an updated version of its latest mobile operating system. With it came a number of new features and adjustments to the iOS 8 platform, but none were more notable than the launch of Apple Pay. Now, users with either an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus can update to iOS 8.1 and use Apple Pay at a number of participating retailers. 

To get set up, users have to register a credit or debit card with their phone and take proper measures to verify that it's their card. For example, Bank of America has an Apple Pay registration department set up and users are required to call to verify that they indeed mean to attach their debit or credit card with their phone. Once this is done, they can begin to use their phone at stores such as Walgreens and … more

Can a more secure iPad help your tablet POS system?

Apple has been busy so far this fall. Last month, the company unveiled and launched two new iPhones — the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — which come fully loaded with iOS 8, the latest Apple mobile operating system, and a myriad of new features including Apple Pay, which allows users to use their devices to pay at some of the world's biggest retailers. While Apple Pay has not gone live as of yet, this week the company announced that it will finally allow iPhone owners to use the feature on Monday, October 20. This came at a second fall event in which Apple launched Yosemite, the latest Mac desktop operating system and unveiled two new iPads, which will be available in a few weeks. 

The iPad announcement could mean big things for retailers who are already in the … more

Mobile commerce plays role in curbside pickup at retail stores

Mobile commerce can integrate with standard brick-and-mortar retail.

The dichotomy between eCommerce and brick-and-mortar retail isn't as significant as once thought. The lines are becoming increasingly blurred as innovations in the retail space allow customers to start the purchasing process online and continue in store as they pick up their item.

Imagine that you're at the mall and you plan to go to Best Buy to purchase a new television. You are already in the area so you could just walk to the store, wait to speak with a representative, wait to have your questions answered and then finally select the model you want before paying for it and taking it home. Or you could walk into the store having already purchased what you want so you can simply receive your item and walk out of the store without the hassles that come with traditional shopping … more