Wyoming businesses talk tablet POS use

Move businesses are using tablets for their POS solution.

When you think about a business using tablets as its point of sale solution, what does that company look like? It is likely that it is either a big organization that has money to burn or an upstart that has embraced technology from its inception. For the most part, these companies are located in a major city. You probably are not picturing a company in the middle of a state like North Dakota or Wyoming. The benefits of the technology are so vast, that has changed.

A recent article from the Billings Gazette profiled several small businesses in Casper, Wyoming that are all starting to go digital with their cash register.

"In a low-tech state like Wyoming, innovations in the retail sector are slow to appear on the radar. But the increasing presence of tablets and smartphones in the hands of consumers has expanded the technology's use beyond Netflix and email," the article reads.

It goes on to say that there is a growing number of businesses that are using tablets and smartphones in place of the traditional cash register. They are making this move for a number of reasons. Merchants in the article cited cost, efficiency, ease of use and better reporting as the reason they made the switch.

On top of that, they were informed of the potential of non-traditional channels. One business owner was told by their accountant, while another was told about it by her children.

This shows that businesses in any marketplace can benefit from a shift to a tablet POS system.

by Ty Hardison

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