The role cloud-based POS systems will play in the future

Cloud-based POS systems will play a major role in the future of sales.

The point of sale system is a tool that many companies need to be competitive. Because of this, many organizations are looking to improve this process and take it to the next level.

A recent article from Entrepreneur examined several ways cloud technology will be reinventing the sales floor in the coming years. The piece touches on ease when it comes to using and collecting data, tracking sales goals in real-time, monitoring information from multiple stores in real-time and cutting down on the hardware needed at the point-of-sale system.

This includes a bigger push for tablet POS systems backed by a cloud infrastructure.

"Mobile point of sale systems allow retailers to re-imagine physical store layouts to maximize sales and increase the intimacy of customer interaction," the article reads. "No longer must there be a physical barrier between sales associates and their customers. No longer will customers be frustrated by sales associates that stand behind the counter and never greet or approach them."

It goes on to say that the large, bulky sales counters that have traditionally been required in the past to house servers, cables, computers, printers and cash drawers can be downsized. With Web-based mobile POS technology, organizations are able to take a more lightweight and customer-friendly approach. This makes it possible for retailers to improve their overall operations while creating more space on the sales floor.

Has your business started embracing the cloud as part of the sales process? If so, how and what advice would you offer to those considering the technology?

by Ty Hardison

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