Mobile POS services more popular with taxi drivers

Many taxi services are using mobile POS systems.

Many small businesses that work in non-traditional means have been forced to get creative when it comes to accepting payments. For example, attendance at farmers markets and craft fairs can be a great way for some companies to get their name out and connect with their customers. However, traditionally it can be challenging to accept payments other than cash when making sales in a parking lot surrounded by other small businesses.

This has changed in recent years thanks to the boom of mobile technology and third party payment applications. In a recent column for GeekWire, Taylor Soper profiled taxi drivers and how the industry has embraced mobile devices for payments.

In the piece, Soper talks about a two week stay he had in Seattle where, to his surprise, nearly every cab he was in offered a way to pay with a credit card. In many cases this meant drivers pulling out a smartphone and using a Square reader to swipe credit cards.

There are two reasons for drivers to use a mobile POS terminal. The first is the obvious—it allows consumers another way to pay for the service that they have procured. The second is that the use of providers like Square, offer lower credit card processing fees than traditional methods.

There are multiple options on the table for companies that are looking to deploy a mobile POS solution and start reaping the benefits. With the help of a payment solution provider, any company can make this deployment seamlessly.

by Ty Hardison

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