Mobile device POS shipments to increase 108 percent in 2014

The tablet marketplace is expected to grow 108 percent in 2014.

Walking into a business and seeing an employee using a smartphone or tablet POS system does not have the shock factor that it did a few years ago. As the hardware and backing solutions mature, more companies are starting to get on the bandwagon as a way to improve overall operations and the customer experience.

According to a new report released by IHL Group, a Franklin, Tennessee-based retail market research firm, the adoption of mobile devices for point of sale transactions is growing across the globe. The report found that new mobile POS device shipments are expected to grow more than 95 percent worldwide in 2014 and will surpass 108 percent in North America.

"The move to Mobile POS in certain segments is radically changing the face of retail and hospitality, particularly mall-based retailers," Buzek said. "The number of devices used by Department Stores, Apparel and Shoe stores in particular will nearly triple this year."

The report points out that when the trend started, the first adopters were small businesses and startups. It wasn't unusual to go to a farmers market and see multiple tables set up by organizations with employees behind them making sales using a smartphone. Now, larger companies are jumping on the bandwagon. On top of that, retail is far from the only business sector that realizes the possibilities of using tablets as a cash register.

Mobile devices have become a major tool for businesses but where does your company come down on the use of tablet POS systems? Have you deployed one?

by Ty Hardison

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