How mobile technology is impacting the payment business

Mobile devices are impacting the payment industry.

The latest technology is rapidly changing how many industries operate. While many people focus on how it will affect the office environment, all areas of business are being revolutionized by new solutions like mobile devices.

An article from Forbes examined several ways that mobile technology is impacting the current business landscape. These include improving bring-your-own-device security, constantly being connected, cloud-based apps and mobile marketing.

There will also be a growing impact when it comes to point of sale solutions. Not only will this happen through the use of the mobile wallet, but also tablet POS systems.

"Brick-and-mortar stores are realizing the benefits of arming floor staff with tablets," the article reads. "Workers can use this technology to reduce lines by checking people out during busy times or to locate items at other locations. Mobile POS systems have also allowed small businesses to set up state-of-the-art cashiering systems at a minimal charge."

The piece goes on to say that mobile commerce will also impact the consumer experience right in their hands. This will happen through inventive technology that can reach customers as they enter and walk through a store. This includes Apple's iBeacon technology or with special discounts sent directly to their phones as they pass by a storefront or walk by a particular item.

Implementing a mobile POS solution can be a complicated process, especially for a company that does not consider itself to be tech savvy. This is where a payment solution provider becomes a critical resource for any company that is looking to deploy mobile commerce.

by Ty Hardison

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