How a tablet POS system is helping restaurants succeed

A tablet POS system is helping restaurants improve operations.

The use of mobile point of sales solutions is growing as more organizations start to realize what is possible with these tools.

A recent guest column from Business Solutions examined the different ways the restaurant industry has been able to improve operations through the use of mobile POS systems. These improvements include:

Turn tables faster - With improved efficiency in the front of house, businesses are able to speed up processes by eliminating double order entry and paying the bill. With the time spent at the table shortened, companies increase the number of people they can see in a single service.

Improve sales numbers - With a digital format, restaurant owners can add more in-depth information to the menu, helping customers make more informed decisions. The devices can also have suggestions for drink pairings or have important information about specials to make sure wait staff can speak intelligently when making upsells. It also makes it easier to ensure proper tipping is followed as the standard 15 to 20 percent can be entered automatically.

Improved operations - Not only is it easier to update prices across the board by updating the cloud-based system needed to support mobile devices, a tablet POS system can run other applications as well. This can mean checking inventory levels on that night's special or ringing the valet to bring a patron's car around front. Companies are only limited by their imagination.

A mobile POS system is more than a new way to accept payments. Tablets can become a central tool for running your business.

If your company is currently using a mobile POS solution, what has your experience been?

by Ty Hardison

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