Burger King, Wendy's join growing mobile payment processing revolution

Companies like Burger King and Wendy's are adopting mobile payment processing systems.

Mobile payment processing is no longer the trend of the future: it's very much a part of the present.

More and more, companies are coming to the realization that they need to integrate mobile payment processing into their workflows. Corporations as venerable as Burger King and Wendy's -- not necessarily the institutions one might think of as tech savvy -- are making the move to better serve a customer base increasingly used to having a wide variety of payment options.

In an interview with USA Today, Chris Versace explained the changing landscape causing these companies to make these decisions. Versace, who is a contributor to RealMoney Pro, pointed out that while in the past, the major options were cash, check, debit and credit cards, now, more consumers are whipping out their smartphones when they are ready to make a purchase. Companies need to be ready to serve this consumer base.

"It's a continued shift away from cash and check...I think it's really smart for these companies particularly as they start to hone in on not necessarily the tween market, but the Millennial market," Versace said, in reference to the payment processing shift.

As times goes on, it's becoming clearer that mobile payment processing is anything but a phase. It has become essential to business success. Companies that don't have this capability run a serious risk of losing market share and hurting their bottom line. Whether this means deploying a tablet POS solution or incorporating mobile commerce solutions at the cash register, any company can effectively implement the system they need with the help of a mobile payment solutions provider.

by Ty Hardison

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