Ballpark deploys tablet POS to speed up transactions

A minor league baseball park deployed a tablet POS system to improve transactions.

One of the main reasons an organization would want to upgrade its POS system is the speed of processing transactions. The longer a customer has to wait for a credit card payment to be processed, the longer the line at the cash register, which can heighten the level of frustration for those waiting. As any business knows, upset customers can cause major problems.

A recent case study profiled some moves made by the Joliet Slammers, a minor league baseball team. During the most recent offseason, the organization hired a new Director of Food and Beverage named Tom Fremarek. He started looking at the biggest customer service issues that the organization has faced and found multiple complaints about the wait times for processing credit cards.

The manual registers and credit card machines that were in place could take as long as 45 seconds to process a single transaction. When you are dealing with large crowds that are trying to make quick food runs in between innings, this can cause an instant backup and make for a terrible experience.

This is when Fermarek decided it was time to upgrade. He invested close to $25,000 in a brand new system, complete with tablet POS systems and an improved wireless network to handle the 19 new terminals that were installed. Now transactions can be completed in as little as two seconds.

By deploying a tablet point of sale system, businesses are able to speed up transaction times while also improving overall operations and record keeping.

by Ty Hardison

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