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  • Tableside tablet POS systems help engage Buffalo Wild Wings customers

    Buffalo Wild Wings is adding tablets to every tablet to better engage customers.

    If you are are sports fan, you've probably been to, or at least heard of, Buffalo Wild Wings. The bar and restaurant chain has over 1,000 locations and markets itself as the best place to watch any game. It may soon become one of the best places to pay for your food and beverage order.

    According to a recent article from Hospitality Technology, the company is looking for a new way to engage customers and plans on using a tablet POS solution to do it. Being piloted in 150 locations with a full rollout scheduled for the end of 2015, the company is adding a tablet to every table. With the device, customers are exposed to special deals, can play games, are able to place food and drink orders and pay for everything without requiring help from the wait staff. … more

  • Wyoming businesses talk tablet POS use

    Move businesses are using tablets for their POS solution.

    When you think about a business using tablets as its point of sale solution, what does that company look like? It is likely that it is either a big organization that has money to burn or an upstart that has embraced technology from its inception. For the most part, these companies are located in a major city. You probably are not picturing a company in the middle of a state like North Dakota or Wyoming. The benefits of the technology are so vast, that has changed.

    A recent article from the Billings Gazette profiled several small businesses in Casper, Wyoming that are all starting to go digital with their cash register.

    "In a low-tech state like Wyoming, innovations in the retail sector are slow to appear on the radar. But the increasing presence of tablets and … more

  • Mobile device POS shipments to increase 108 percent in 2014

    The tablet marketplace is expected to grow 108 percent in 2014.

    Walking into a business and seeing an employee using a smartphone or tablet POS system does not have the shock factor that it did a few years ago. As the hardware and backing solutions mature, more companies are starting to get on the bandwagon as a way to improve overall operations and the customer experience.

    According to a new report released by IHL Group, a Franklin, Tennessee-based retail market research firm, the adoption of mobile devices for point of sale transactions is growing across the globe. The report found that new mobile POS device shipments are expected to grow more than 95 percent worldwide in 2014 and will surpass 108 percent in North America.

    "The move to Mobile POS in certain segments is radically changing the face of retail and hospitality, particularly … more

  • The role cloud-based POS systems will play in the future

    Cloud-based POS systems will play a major role in the future of sales.

    The point of sale system is a tool that many companies need to be competitive. Because of this, many organizations are looking to improve this process and take it to the next level.

    A recent article from Entrepreneur examined several ways cloud technology will be reinventing the sales floor in the coming years. The piece touches on ease when it comes to using and collecting data, tracking sales goals in real-time, monitoring information from multiple stores in real-time and cutting down on the hardware needed at the point-of-sale system.

    This includes a bigger push for tablet POS systems backed by a cloud infrastructure.

    "Mobile point of sale systems allow retailers to re-imagine physical store layouts to maximize sales and increase the intimacy of customer … more

  • Looking back at mobile POS systems on the iPhone's seventh anniversary

    The original iPhone, unveiled seven years ago, has revolutionize a number of industries.

    On January 9, 2007, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs took the stage for the Macworld keynote address and said "we're going to make some history together today." Ninety minutes later, he reached the point where it was time to unveil three new products — a wide screen music player, a mobile phone and an internet communication device. Then he added that all of these devices were in fact just one, and it was called the iPhone.

    Jobs introduced the smartphone with the device by saying "every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything." Today, the impact of the iPhone and the mobile device marketplace that was kick-started by its inception has spread further than anyone imaged that day seven years ago this month.

    ​For real results of the iPhone's … more

  • Why businesses should ditch the cash register for a tablet

    Businesses should ditch cash registers for tablet POS systems.

    For small businesses to stay competitive in the current landscape, they are relying on the use of the latest technology. Not only are solutions like the cloud and mobile devices leveling the playing field, they're also helping companies offer more advanced solutions to their customers. A recent article from Reuters examined several different technologies that can help small businesses grow as they move into the future. There options include systems like the cloud, loyalty programs, backend productivity and marketing systems. The article also called for small retailers to ditch their expensive cash registers and instead invest in a tablet POS system.

    "Tablets and smartphones with free or premium apps can now replace full-blown POS systems, letting small … more

  • How the payment industry is changing

    Mobile devices will play a major role in the future of retail, which means point of sale systems will need to adapt.

    The payment industry has undergone some major changes over the last few years, but there are still many merchants that are wary of upgrading their payment solutions and there are a few reasons for this hesitation.

    A recent article from Street Fight Magazine examined the payment landscape. The boom in technological innovation has been driven by the need to bridge the gap between retailers' online and offline services. However, the achievement of this goal depends on improvement in point of sale systems.

    "Many of these services still revolve around a black hole of sorts — the point of sale," the article reads. "Much of the automation and efficiency that technology has brought to ecommerce is still out of reach for the local market because the sellers remain largely offline." … more

  • iBeacon technology could change retail payment options

    The new iBeacon technology could change retail payment options.

    One of the most talked about mobile commerce payment solution technologies is NFC technology. However, one of the biggest hurdles for widespread adoption has been Apple's reluctance to add a near field communication chip to its popular mobile device product line. It is a feature that has been speculated about for years, but the company has refused to adopt it.

    The company has used other applications like PassBook and retailers that are using iPads as a tablet POS system could have a new payment system in place with the use of iBeacon Bluetooth technology. A recent article from Business Insider examined what this could mean for retailers.

    Any device with iOS 7 has the capabilities to become an iBeacon transponder or receiver. This means merchants using Apple … more

  • Study: mobile POS systems have major impact on the future

    Mobile devices are going to play a major roll in the future of retail payments.

    Over the next few years, many merchants will find themselves at a crossroads when it comes to using mobile devices as a part of the point of sale process. While some have already adopted, others will need to jump on board in order to meet future trends.

    That is the argument that a recent report from IT research firm Informa makes. The study found that businesses have been able to serve more customers during busy times, issue electronic receipts and reduce the loss of sales due to customers' reluctance to wait in long lines.

    "In the longer term, adoption of NFC- and cloud-based mobile payment services could reduce the retailers' need to have many checkout counters," the report read. "Shoppers could scan the items they want to buy using their mobile phones and pay for their … more

  • Applebee's deploying tablet POS systems to every table

    More restaurants are using tablet POS systems at tables.

    Retailers need to be aware of the fact that customers wants things to be quick and easy. No one likes to wait in line. This is one of the reasons why smartphone and tablet POS systems have taken off. Associates are able to accept payments from anywhere in the store and customers are able to avoid the lines.

    However, some restaurants are taking this to a new level. This is happening by putting these devices on their tables and allowing patrons to order and make payments at their own pace without getting up or with the help of a server.

    According to an article from Forbes, Applebee's is the latest eatery to get on board with this plan. The company announced this week that it will rollout 100,000 tablets to its 1,860 U.S. locations. This is one of the largest tablet … more